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People who want to understand Medicaid

With all the changes in healthcare today, it is more important than ever for people to understand the basics of Medicaid; particularly, if we are to consider building upon the program as healthcare reform evolves.  People from all walks of life are taking an interest in understanding Medicaid.  The MLC’s Medicaid Basics Module consists of 18 Virtual Classrooms for a total of 25 course-work hours on topics ranging from “Medicaid, The Early Years” to the “People Groups” served by the Program.

Medicaid Professional Community

The professional Medicaid community is comprised of state agencies charged with the administration, organizations providing products and services, and the federal government that provides oversight for Medicaid. The Medicaid Learning Center can help any entity - state, vendor, or federal - train people to join this community of dedicated professionals.

The Link: Learning Medicaid and Upward Mobility

Just as the Medicaid program faces an ever-changing landscape, so do the career paths of those serving today in the Medicaid professional community. Let the Medicaid Learning Center and MITA 3.0 Training offerings set you apart from others within your organization. Our tools can help you advance your career and become an even more valuable asset to the organization you serve, and the Medicaid community at large.

Generation Next - Our Future Medicaid Leaders

As the baby-boomers reach retirement, states lose experienced and knowledgeable Medicaid staff. A new generation, Generation Next, has come of age. These young adults have grown up with personal computers, cell phones and the Internet and are now taking their place in a world where the only constant is rapid change. Our offerings provide an understanding of the history of Medicaid and the knowledge essential for shaping the future of the Program. Our tools can help states rebuild their foundational knowledge capital -- training the next generation of Medicaid-knowledgeable professionals.

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