What We Do

We help people understand Medicaid - both individuals and organizations.

Our training is not confined to a campus or constrained by work schedules.  We offer Medicaid training...Anytime, Anywhere.  The Medicaid Learning Center is the front-runner in web-based, online Medicaid training.

Our catalog of courses covers topics ranging from the basics of Medicaid to Healthcare Reform.  If you need to know the fundamentals of Medicaid – we can help; if you need to know about MITA 3.0 – we can help; if you need to know about Healthcare Reform – we can help.

Furthermore, we understand that for organizations, each has different needs when it comes to Medicaid training for your staff, we can collaborate with you to enhance the standard curriculum and develop additional customized modules to meet targeted organizational needs.

Our services include:

Training...Anytime, Anywhere.
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