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Medicaid Basics Module MCMP-I

This 18 virtual classroom module serves as a wealth of Medicaid knowledge. Not only does it provide a broad view of Medicaid history, organization, and language, it also delves into key Medicaid concepts such as Access to Assistance and Medicaid Payment Models. Customer service and MITA basics are also covered in this section.

Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA)

This virtual classroom module examines the history, standards, and components of MITA and the MITA 3.0 Framework. The module also addresses the necessary steps for a State Self Assessment (SS-A), and provides insights into the new MITA 3.0 SS-A Companion Guide.

Health Information Technology (HIT) Module

This four virtual classroom module covers the most important aspects of Health Information Technology (HIT) including HIT legislation, organizational structures, and the Medicaid Provider EHR Incentive Payment Program. Other key concepts (including Meaningful Use and EHRs) are also defined as are the roles of federal and state government in the national vision for HIT adoption.

Healthcare Reform

This module provides an overview of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in four virtual courses (VCs). The courses examine how the ACA impacts State Medicaid Agencies (SMAs), state Medicaid Programs and beneficiaries, insurance companies, providers, employers, and healthcare consumers. There is a strong focus on the details of new eligibility standards, changes in access to health insurance and cost containment requirements for insurance companies, providers, employers, and individuals. There is a strong focus on the details of new eligibility standards and cost containment provisions.


This four virtual classroom module tackles some of the basic information about the legislation, regulations, and processes that structure new Medicaid healthcare technology. Titles include MITA: From 2.0/2.01 to 3.0, Introduction to the Affordable Care Act, Introduction to Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA), and Introduction to Health Information Technology (HIT). Please be aware that if you have already purchased other program packages these introductory courses were included. There is no need to purchase them separately.

MLC Resources

Medicaid Dictionary

The Medicaid Dictionary is an online repository of Medicaid-related terms, acronyms, and definitions. Since our Medicaid terminology is an ever-changing blend of language derived from the healthcare, government, and Information Technology (IT) sectors, having the Medicaid Dictionary at your fingertips is an essential tool for the Medicaid Professional.

Medicaid Knowledge Center

The Medicaid industry has been experiencing a workforce shortage. Many of our seasoned Medicaid leaders are at, or near, retirement age, and as they leave our space, they take precious knowledge with them. The Medicaid Knowledge Center is our effort to retain this knowledge for the future.

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