Medicaid Knowledge Center (MKC)

Knowledge for the future

The Medicaid Knowledge Center (MKC) includes The Medicaid Dictionary and brings something totally different to the Medicaid industry – approximately 3,000 Medicaid related terms and acronyms, the largest Medicaid related terms repository; reference materials and links used by Medicaid professionals, and a place to collaborate and gain Medicaid-specific knowledge as precious human resources leave our space. The Medicaid industry has been experiencing a workforce shortage, many of our seasoned Medicaid leaders are at, or near, retirement age, and as they leave our space, they take precious knowledge with them. In addition to vast amounts of Medicaid related information housed in our MKC, we also offer the tools to collaborate with professionals leaving the space who want to contribute to the Medicaid community at large through our Medicaid Knowledge Capital Management (MKCM) project.

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